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To the Editor:

Let's do an arithmetic problem. This will involve arithmetic that most of us should have learned starting in elementary school.

To start, pick any county in Washington state. Kittitas County for instance. Google the population of that county. For Kittitas County the result I found was 46,205.

Now check the Daily Record for the daily body count of confirmed COVID-19 cases. That number reported in the May 20, 2020 edition was 64.

The arithmetic problem is to find the percentage of Confirmed cases compared to total population. This involves long division. Divide 64 by 46,205.

The answer I get is 0.00138 %. That is less than one percent of the total population, and is not mentioned in the paper probably because it does not serve the liberal media agenda. One percent of the total population is 462 people.

I am doing my bit for social distancing, but I can't get a hair cut or go to church. I can go to a packed out grocery store, or the local pot shop, or liquor store, but not church. I can go the Farmers Market, but not church. Church is not essential, except for a whole bunch of voters.

Do you notice anything wrong with that picture?

Art Clark Jr.



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