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The next Disruptor will finish job Trump started

To the Editor:

After watching the latest coverage of the Democratic Parties Kangaroo Court and lame stream media’s efforts to regurgitate the same vomit they have been for four years now I seriously find it all laughable yet pathetic.

I find it amusing how a vast class of corrupted politicians in the House of Representatives and the Senate can find time for all this nonsense to impeach Mr. Trump for a second time, yet unable to deal with the important business of the people and squander our countries once unmatched wealth. These lunatics who are obsessed with Mr. Trump (without a doubt our greatest president ever) are not damaging the Trump brand, they are actually increasing his popularity with the intelligent members of society.

He is exposing all these pathetic corrupted politicians in both parties, it’s so obvious to anyone with a clue and previous knowledge of our sickened political system who these entrenched criminals are it’s really hard to believe so many of our younger uneducated ones who are actually over educated from schools who have indoctrinated them, and also many of the older scared and naive population who sit and watch a corrupted media and sickening culture on television can be so completely brain washed from reality of what’s happening right before their own eyes.

I’d say to the young fools out there less reefer and more common sense, and the old and feeble minded should go back to reading real history books. One things for sure if you’re smart and been following all this stuff for years, Mr. Trump went to Washington and stirred up one big nest of stinking and corrupted politicians, and he continues to expose them more and more every single day.

If I was Mr. Trump, I’d go for maybe a third and fourth impeachment. This stuff in itself shows truly how pathetically power hungry and worried all these people in D.C. are that they haven’t seen the last of great Americans like Donald J Trump. He was just the first that walked into their little private club and tip the tables over and scare the hell out of them.

Yes, if you’re in the good ole boys network in politics, now is the time to get the hell out no matter what party you’re in, the next Disruptor will have to finish the job.

Doug Myers



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