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“Pigs in a blanket. Fry em’ like bacon.”

“What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” These were well known chants of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs in years past. This year another favorite of theirs was spray painting ACAB (All cops are ba***ards) all over downtown areas while they rioted and looted. Socialist governors and mayors made their law enforcement stand down while the mobs destroyed.

Our own Ellensburg mayor and city council thought it would be a great idea to paint a big Black Lives Matter in the road downtown. They changed their minds when our community objected. Last we heard from our mayor, it was our community’s fault for “twisting” their decision to mean they did not support law enforcement. No apology for a mistake on their own part. In my book that makes them irresponsible, ignorant, incompetent, or a combination. None of which make for good leadership.

Our local “journalists” come out to defend them from claims they are Marxist. Again no mention that BLM is organized and operated by three avowed Marxist trained individuals. In my book that is very poor editorial and more like CYA as the Daily Record thinks Ellensburg is racist also. Would not be surprised to find out that antifa and BLM are part of the citizen army that Obama declared to organize while in office.

Good to see that most are finally getting outraged about mob violence. Don’t know what alternate reality they have been in until now but do know that it is only because the other side just started doing it. Even when socialists have control they will still complain and blame others for their poor judgement when their ideas fail and misery prevails. We have vaccines now for the China virus in record time thanks to actions by our previous administration. This surprised the socialists who thought, and I think hoped, it would take years. Now it is up to states governors to get it distributed fast. Instead of news on this front, we get news that Inslee is grouping Kittitas with other counties on how soon we can reopen. I’m sure this will only slow us down but that could be by socialist design while they milk the virus for all the government they can get.

Happy New Year! Things can only get better now right?

Dan Miles



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