To the Editor:

The recent mass killings in our country cause us to cry out: Why? What will prevent these types of tragic events? A solution offered is gun control. The problem with this solution is that mass killings happen in a myriad of ways. We need a solution that gets to the root of the problem.

I have been reading a book titled “Slaying the Giants in Your Life.” I am presently reading a chapter on resentment. I believe that resentment in our hearts is at the root of what is taking place in our society.

Whatever our political view, we all have the potential to be unforgiving and to be full of hate. What is the simple solution? Choosing to forgive each other!

The most obvious reality in our society today is an absence of forgiveness. What we see all around us is hate. Two men's hate poured out in bullets. Many lives were ended and many more lives were shattered for the rest of their days. What was the response? More hate!

In Charleston, S.C. on June 17, 2015 there was a different response. A hate-filled white supremacist young man shot and killed black church goers at a prayer meeting. What was the response to this horrible act of hate? The people in that church chose to forgive this young man. Hate resulted in forgiveness.

What is the solution to hate-spawned killings? The solution is not more hate, but forgiveness. The solution is not to get rid of guns, for hate will find a way. But the solution is to get rid of hate.

We all have had bad experiences in our lives, such as bad childhoods and many other painful times. In response to all of this, we all have two choices — forgive or become resentful.

There is a story we all are familiar with. A man dedicated to speaking truth and genuinely loving others was hauled before a kangaroo court. There, after many false accusations were made against him, he was convicted and suffered the death penalty. Yet, his response, while they were executing him, was to forgive them. This man was Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe is the Son of God. His message of peace and forgiveness has never been more needed. May we also choose forgiveness and not a resentment that boils over into all kinds of ugliness and even to mass murder.

Larry Cory



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