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To the Editor:

Well aren’t the socialists special …

According to comrade Pelosi, Biden should not even debate Trump. According to crooked Hillary, Biden should not concede the election when he loses. The socialists still pretend they are defending democracy when their own words say just the opposite. Keep Joe in the basement because he will be exposed as the fool he and our useful idiots are in any debate with Trump. Just let the swamp, media, academia, and Hollywood-run disinformation in our last desperate attempt to take over. If that doesn’t work we just won’t concede. We will keep using anarchy and chaos in our last efforts to take over by force and corrupting balloting nationwide. Aren’t the socialists good sports?

Did any of you socialists watch both the DNC and RNC conventions? I did and all I heard was petty, emotional hatred for Trump during the DNC from Hollywood, politicians/RINOS, and fake news. Nothing about their own agenda except for expanding the size and control of government. Nothing about attacking the virus except to cower in fear and let “science” rule even when it has no consensus. Nothing about the violence and misery in socialist controlled states and communities. Nothing about how great America is. And then you celebrated when Joe made it through a short recorded/probably edited script.

I doubt any of you socialists watched the RNC. Many of you are so full of hatred you cannot handle freedom or even listen to yourselves walking away. Real Americans of all races were showcased. Ones that do not need or want government to “take care of them”, they just need law, order, and the freedom to be their best while pursuing happiness. You would have found out that Trump began criminal justice reform a long time ago. Also that he established opportunity zones and supported higher learning in low income areas. With Trump and conservative action, good things are actually being accomplished and problems solved for all Americans.

Ever notice how socialists offer no positive ideas, only hatred for Trump and America? Ever notice how they keep Joe propped up like “weekend at Bernie’s” and never acknowledge his past? Ever notice how they claim socialist/communists want Trump to win?

C’mon Man… You really think Joe can make executive decisions?

“I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona. If you buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free” G. Strait

Dan Miles



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