To the Editor:

Nicole Klauss is running for Ellensburg City Council, Position 7, but you probably already know this. Rather use superfluous language to make a convincing argument that Klauss is, indeed, the most qualified candidate for this position, I thought I would provide a "Top 7 Reasons Why A Human Should Vote for Nicole Klauss” list, which you will have to choose to believe is true, since I won't be providing evidence to support my claims.

Here is the list:

1. Klauss is a closer — she gets stuff done as efficiently as possible.

2. She is incredibly smart and detail oriented.

3. She questions everything, especially if the idea is incongruous with the purpose.

4. Klauss is more organized than humanly possible.

5. She is a stickler for following the rules but is willing to challenge the merits when necessary.

6. She can equally voice her opinion with clarity as well as listen intently for better understanding.

7. Klauss is deeply familiar with the issues facing our city — she was at nearly every City Council meeting for two years while working as a reporter and as a currently appointed council member; suffice it to say, she is probably one of the more informed citizens in the city.

8. Bonus Reason: Nicole Klauss has enthusiasm and a desire to serve our community. Her selfless ambition to improve the status quo and preserve the attributes of what makes Ellensburg great, compounded with the aforementioned seven reasons, should make her an obvious choice for eligible voters to use a black or blue ink pen and completely fill in the box next to her name when ballots are mailed out on or around Oct. 17, which are then due by Nov. 7 at 8 p.m.

Jared Vallejo



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