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To the Editor:

A recent letter from Dr. Lowther stated that "...97% of climate scientists...say it (climate change) is primarily caused by human actions..." Consensus is not science and the basic statement is not rue. I'd suggest a review of the work of Dr. Craig D. Idso, climatologist, Dr. Robert M. Carter, geologist and environmental scientist and Dr. S. Fred Singer, physicist.

I find it ironic that Dale Bambrick seems to plead for more civility, even from the left while in the same sentence calls Trump supporters "orcs" (an imaginary race of human-like creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike and malevolent).

Back to the pandemic. People have disparaged Trump for not doing anything. How about very early banning travel from China, and later other hot spot countries. The Trump administration sent two hospital ships, one to New York and one to Los Angeles. Trump convinced the Ford Motor Company to redirect manufacturing from vehicles to ventilators. The Trump administration ordered and distributed masks. Trump signed funding legislation for paycheck protection, business assistance and encouraged the fast track development of vaccines.

I return to an issue also criticized by Mr. Bambrick, local emergency response. The federal government does not have a responsibility or authority to institute local controls. I'd remind everyone — who developed and implemented the "Stay, Home, Stay Safe" program? Who has the Four Stage Reopening Plan? Who is setting the mask requirements? The business closures? The church occupancy restrictions? The group size limits? Who issues the fines for violations?

A look at the CDC case rates: 2 weeks ago, the average case rate per week was 2030 and 57 deaths per week in states with Democrat governors. The same comparison had a rate of 2639 cases and 50 deaths per week in states governed by a Republican. Last week the numbers had a rate of 2169 cases (an increase of 139) and a rate of 58 deaths per week (an increase of 1) in states with Democrat governors. Republican governed states has rates of 2746 cases (an increase of 107 per week) and a death rate of 51 (an increase of 1). Since January 21, 2020 the rate per week for Democrat governed states is 2046 cases and 57 deaths. The rate per week for Republican governed states is 2662 cases and 50 deaths. It appears there is not much appreciable difference which may indicate all the restrictions haven't and aren't working.

Gordon Kelly



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