To the Editor:

I know FAKE NEWS when I read it and hear it. I've never seen Trump's IQ test. I have a hard time believing his IQ is much more than average — if that.

Iran is back at spinning those centrifuges like there's no tomorrow. Pulling out of the JCPO Agreement providing verifiable proof of compliance to only make nuclear fuel for peaceful uses allowed Iran to unleash their hostile plans for nuke bombs. That ain't fake news folks.

The money returned to Iran was their money, held by us and ultimately returned as agreed to with interest. That's verifiable. There are documents. Silly to think those dollars are traceable to dollars used to buy ground to air missiles. Can anyone prove that? Bet not.

Fossil fuel independence for our country occurred during the Obama Administration. Approximately half way through 2015 the United States was not importing fossil fuels. Again, it's documented.

No doubt about it, Soleimani was a cruel and evil terrorist. The issue is far from resolved. Iran can call their friends all over the world and unleash proxy attacks against us and our troops anywhere in the world. They have been active in South America!

Farmers would rather trade than get a bailout from the U.S. government. They would rather not be on the dole. They do have their pride. That bailout is now more than the bailout of the auto industry during the Great Recession.

Believe it — we Trump despisers don't just focus on his words we focus on his dangerous and illegal behavior. It's documented!

Jan Sharar



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