Trump is delivering on his economic promises

To the Editor:

With all the media coverage nowadays, it’s a wonder how much mis-information is out there. There have been a couple of anti-Trump letters and articles in the paper recently that have caught my attention.

Hands-up: During the Ferguson incident, hands up didn’t happen and presidential candidates are still talking about it five years later. It was a robbery and an attack on a police officer in which the officer was cleared.

Charlottesville: Trump’s “decent people on both sides” comment referred to concerned citizens who wanted to preserve historical statues and were not part of the white supremacist group who were causing most of the ruckus.

Immigrants put in cages: These so-called cages were just fences erected during the Obama administration and were there to separate families for their own safety.

Deportation: President Obama was also called “the deporter in chief” because of the large increase in deportations during his term. Seems everything related to immigration now is President Trump’s fault.

Russian collusion: The grand-daddy of all as we were lied to for over two years about the Russian collusion which never happened!

The resist movement has been alive and well since the election. Now, there are people such as Bill Maher and others, that say a recession is worth it if it helps to get rid of President Trump. Really! Would you be willing to have your retirement funds lose value, suffer lower wages or lose your job entirely just because of Trump’s personality?

I don’t care for the New York hard-charging attitude, but then I’m a Northwester and we’re a little more laid back. Trump derangement syndrome seems to be real and has been acknowledged by many. However, President Trump’s policies are working. Charts show a spike in the economy since his election and are not due to President Obama as his economy was basically flat. We are enjoying the lowest unemployment numbers for virtually all groups, the greatest labor participation ever, real wage growth and a stock market that still weathers the down turns quite well.

Think how much more could have been accomplished with just a little help from the congressional Democrats!

Steve Zabransky



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