Trump may have learned his prejudice as a child

To the Editor:

This is in response to the letter (Daily Record Aug. 13) from Lee Bates “Donald Trump continues to set new lows for behavior as president.” I agree with what Mr. Bates has written regarding President Trump’s attack on African Americans, whether it be President Obama’s citizenship and right to be president or more recently on the four female congressional women of color. I have an additional concern. It saddens me that at so many of Trump’s 2020 election rallies there are children who exhibit the pronounced prejudice and disdain as their parents for people of color.

The New York Times ran a story over 90 years ago about a riot that broke out on Memorial Day May 30, 1927 amid a parade in Queens, New York City. The story listed Fred Trump — father of Donald Trump — among those arrested following a clash between the KKK and police. Would that all of us as parents would be cognizant of the example we set for our children. It is hard for me to perceive that Donald Trump’s ongoing prejudice was not learned as a child from his father. As an adult he and his father refused to rent apartments to African Americans and Puerto Ricans in the 1970s in New York City.

Lee Kaspari



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