To the Editor:

I formed this letter and sent it to all our representatives at the state level.

My name is Richard Reynolds a registered voter, a veteran, a loving husband and devoted father, and resident of Kittitas County. It has come to my attention that an injunction has been put into place to stop the $30 car tabs. Also, that many advisory notes were placed on the ballot just for the purposes of our opinion even though you have already passed them into law. As a registered voter in this state, I am highly disappointed that the peoples voice is continuing to go unheard.  How is it that things have become law without the vote of the people? This seems to me to be a true abuse of power!

Like the U.S. Constitution, the Washington State Constitution starts with, “We the people”. We the people have elected you to represent us at the state level, yet we continue to go unheard. You are passing laws without the vote of the people of this state. Do you plan on repealing the advisory notes that the people voted to repeal? I think not, because they would impact you. This is not what is good for you, its what is good for the people. Truly this is what is wrong with politics today!

Over the years this state has imposed taxes on gasoline, sugar, alcohol, transit, as well as various other taxes in this state. So truly what are our taxes that we pay being used for? Now there is this Speedy Pass, where is the revenue going that is being generated by this? Where is the revenue that is being generated from the tolls going? Now, you want me as a voter in this state to pay for something that I do not use through increased vehicle tab fees. This truly seems to me as unconstitutional. As my mother once told me, “money doesn’t grow on trees”. If the people in King County and the surrounding counties that use and want Sound Transit, they should be the ones to pay for it.

So, my question is for all of you, “what are the taxes I pay being used for”? I truly hope this letter finds you and a speedy resolution will come to the people of this state without any further undo hardships! Thank you for time.

Richard Reynolds



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