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To the Editor:

Moments ago, I finished reading the letter submissions for the Saturday Jan. 9th edition of the Daily Record. I also read the op-ed piece authored by the three County Commissioners and County Health Officer, Mark Larson. I am often perplexed and frankly bewildered when I read some of the opinions and thoughts of others, especially during these tumultuous times in our national life.

I was prepared to write a letter myself in rebuttal to some of the opinions expressed. Instead, I turned inward to shed some of the anger and bewilderment I feel. So, I did as I have often done since childhood; I turned to music.

As Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe.” It is music than can help heal, the true universal language. I encourage our local elected leaders, our health care workers, our businesspeople, educators, laborers in industry and our children to turn to music to help heal our national and community wounds.

Go to your computer and Google “Make Music Ellensburg”. The home page will provide information on Jan Jaffe’s virtual choir project. Accept the invitation to join the virtual choir. Jan Jaffe’s project will inspire us in working together toward for a common cause of joy that will help neutralize violence. Google, Make Music Ellensburg today! Sign up to be part of a virtual choir. If you have a voice, then you can sing! You CAN do this. This community needs healing and music is the vehicle for that to happen.

Lee R. Bates

Director, Valley Voices, Ellensburg


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