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To the Editor:

I have come to like Ellensburg pretty well. I met my wife at CWSC back in 1967, got married and graduated in 1970. It seemed like the college culture had its differences with the rancher/farmer townsfolk, but nothing really terrible.

We came back in 1990, I finished my M.A., and was hired to teach English. That lasted from 1992 until 2016. So I’m still here and retired. What’s your point, you may fairly ask. I taught English to Japanese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese, Saudis, and a scattering of other nationalities. For the most part, they felt safe and I saw multiplied dozens of families invite them to their homes.

Ellensburg is a pretty welcoming community. I also have seen the community reach out to take care of their neighbors pretty well, too. I have seen faculty be integral parts of the community. Overall, I would call Ellensburg a quintessentially “small town USA.” Two important areas of conflict however, are brewing. First is … the mask! While people continue to “mask-up and social distance” the vision has worn thin. We are cajoled to be patient, but we have no end game. Where is the "flattened curve" goal?

As members of the community are increasingly on the verge of ruin, and hospitals are not overrun, what is the end game? This “new normal” is not sustainable… socially, or economically. I can feel the tide coming in. We cannot continue to be locked out of loved ones’ memorial services, bedside visits with loved ones, births, weddings, family gatherings, going to normal classrooms, and even public dining. The growing tide can be summed up with one word… enough! “If you want to wear a mask and stay home… OK, but not me.”

The second conflict is this: in the “sexual revolution” so called, the feeling was, “keep your nose out of my bedroom.” We now however have a local government that wants to put their noses in boardrooms. Quotas for “diversity” in hiring are the new moral mandates. Well look around! Ellensburg businesses I walk into are pretty diverse. I see lots of women, Asian, Hispanic, and Black faces working. The impulse to find another group to “protect” has become perverse. Everyone has access to avenues of redress when business and landlord relationships go awry. As for me, I trust Ellensburg folks to do the right thing without heavy-handed government mandates.

Kent DaVault



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