To the Editor:

What is an American?

In response to Dan Miles letter of last Tuesday asking for unity in America.

When you ask for unity it seems that you are asking for blind obedience. You say diversity is part of our greatness, then you say we all have to look alike, sound alike and follow blindly whatever our leaders say. If they say stop all immigration or only let in immigrants from only certain countries, or say asylum seekers can only come from certain areas, or no more immigrants from anywhere, or don't believe what the media reports unless it's from the media that I approve of, or everything critical of is fake news and finally suck up to dictators and trash our allies and laugh at science then that is the end of this great experiment called democracy.

Sorry, that is not our strength and that is not what a real American does.

Our strength lies in our ability to speak freely, have a free press and debate what our leaders say. If they are wrong in their actions they need to be called out and if guilty of breaking our laws or trampling our Constitution or Bill of Rights, they need to be removed.

That is our job as citizens of these great United States and that is what makes the United States so special. We need to stand up to dictators who want to destroy our way of living, strengthen our bonds with our allies, and show the world that we are still the leader and light for other nations. Our greatness comes from our humanity and diversity as a melting pot of different cultures and religions. We do have certain responsibilities to our citizens and the entire world to make sure we all survive.

That is my America and what a good American believes.

Harvey Brown



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