To the Editor:

Unity is our greatest strength.

It is the reason we are called the United States of America. Our motto, E Pluribus Unum, means Out of Many, One. Nowadays, globalist politicians/bureaucrats, “mainstream” news, Hollywood, and academia would have us believe that diversity is our greatest strength. While desirable and important, diversity for the sake of itself is only our downfall as a nation.

It’s great that people from all over the world want to come to America and to become Americans due to the love of freedom, opportunity, and the country we should all cherish and defend. Without assimilation to our language, customs, work ethics, law/order and genuine love for America above all others, we only become more divided the more “diverse” we get. Socialist and other tyrannical forms of government thrive off of division. Divide and conquer is their strategy for power over the people which is all they really care about. People escape the misery these governments create to come to America.

My Norwegian grandfather allowed only English spoken in his house after he legally arrived and began farming in South Dakota. My mom taught me how important and proud this was for her. My Hispanic construction foreman taught me how wrong illegal immigration was for both America and the people here illegally. Americans of all races, gender, and faiths have learned, understand and believe the same way about America. Ride along with our law enforcement for an appreciation of who they are and what they do for us. Like Mr. Jake Reynolds in an early August opinion, we love living in Ellensburg, too!

Strong families and communities are required to teach responsibility, respect, and unbiased truth about the history of our great nation, its laws and constitution. Attacks on our president and law enforcement as being racist are just one example of how deranged many “Americans” have become. Hopefully we are witnessing their last gasps of desperate, disingenuous scare tactics to force their ignorance, incompetence, and immorality on us all. False and hypocritical racist, sexist, and a multitude of phobic slurs are all they have left about us deplorables that love America. Unlike them, we can think for ourselves and we don’t believe their baloney. There is nothing honest, positive or uniting about America from these “Americans.”

“We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang separately.” B. Franklin

United we stand, divided we fall.

Dan Miles



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