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To the Editor:

In an interview on Oct. 6, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that cuts to Medicare and Social Security would be needed to balance the budget deficit created by the 2017 tax bill. McConnell and his colleague Paul Ryan in the House have repeatedly denounced these programs as “entitlements” needing trimming. In fact, they are entitlements: you and I have paid into those funds for our entire working life, and we are entitled to the benefits from them.

The real culprit is the tax cut, whose benefits for the middle class seem already to be compromised by increasing health care costs and rising prices on consumer goods affected by the trade war. But the announced attack on Medicare and Social Security affects the future for all of us. The Republican majority in Congress is not really working for our best interests. Dr. Kim Schrier understands these issues, and especially the need for health care reform and a safe future. A vote for her is a vote for our future.

Michael F. Mulroy, M.D.

South Cle Elum


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