To the Editor:

I read the article in the Daily Record about the teachers pay and the demonstrators wanting higher wages. I don't know how many of you readers out there realize the web sight available to check what these teachers already make in wages.

I picked one person from the Ellensburg School district that was in fact shown in the photo in the paper. This person makes and I quote from the state records.

Base Salary: $88,831

Other Salary: $2,858

Total Final Salary: $91,689

Insurance: $12,226

Mandatory Benefits: $21,496

Does this sound to you folks like these teachers are hurting? Let me tell you why they leave Ellensburg — there is no shopping. When I moved here 18 years ago we had a JC Penney, Buttons Jewelry Store, a Western Wear store the Munson shoe store and many other businesses. Today we have Fred Meyer! Doctors don't come here because we have no shopping. Half the people I know now have to use a PA for their medical needs as there are no doctors available. I recently read an article in the Yakima paper where they cannot get doctors because of the shopping.

So making $90,000 a year is not enough for the teachers in Ellensburg for nine months work. It’s really sad and I don't know why the people in this valley don't pay more attention to the constant tax drain on the citizens.

Ellensburg either needs to just turn the keys of the city over to CWU and let them run this town or grow some guts and develop it into the city it has the potential to be. We are three weeks from Rodeo Not one sign around town for rodeo. Better look at your ballot for this next week. You have a person on there who spent $150,000 of your tax money to block off 7th Avenue for bicycles. Can you even imagine what will happen if this person gets in a higher office? CWU pays nothing for roads or schools in Ellensburg, rents out 1,300 rooms, keeps the money and pays no taxes to the city..You taxpayers are footing the bill for CWU to do as they please and charge it all off to the citizens who actually live here and pay taxes. Wake up!

Pat Fischer



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