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To the Editor:

Steve Close Tuesday made the comment in his letter that the inner cities are ethnic minority and mostly Democrat. His letter makes it sound like these people he refers to are too dumb to get any form of ID by age 18. That's 18 years and they are incapable of getting any form of ID.

To my African American friends, relatives and fellow workers I never found any of you incapable of getting an ID. I truly believe Steve Close cannot come up with one name of one person, in the 330,000 million people in America, over the age of 18 with a functioning mind that does not have an ID because they are unable to acquire one. That's a challenge Steve lets hear from you with a name.

I personally am so sick of these liberal white people who claim to be so "woke" that they run around the country claiming you African Americans are dumb and uneducated. I do not have a clue why you put up with this BS from the left. They make you out to be lazy. uneducated, too ignorant to function as a human in our society. If you’re out there I have never met one of you..

The African American community just got the shaft in Atlanta, Georgia this week. A population in that city of 51% Black and those liberal white people and their demented POTUS took the jobs away from you and gave them to Snow White Denver, Colorado. Why do you blacks allow these people to make fools of you and call you names..

I suspect Steve Close is assuming that the 600 million false unemployment dollars taken from this state were all taken by people who didn't have the legal identification to receive it right Steve? Just a matter of an error in their paperwork. We know they were not fraud because after all these same people in this state were truthful and honest on their ballot information.

Its really good to know that when any person in the U.S.A. requests a ballot to vote on that the heavens open and the truth angles and God comedown and sit on their shoulder and they have an epiphany and all of a sudden become the most honest people in the world. Maybe we should use the ballot in the criminal system so crooks can tell the truth.

Pat Fischer


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