Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher

assistant editor

t’s not the words so much, but the sound — the sound of a heart breaking.

“I could never see tomorrow. I was never told about the sorrow.”

If only I’d been listening to Al Green’s rendition of “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” when I was an impressionable 13-year-old about to embark a lifetime of Mariners fandom in 1977.

I’ve long considered Green’s cover of the Bee Gee’s tune to be the Mariners theme song — what the fans should stand to sing during the seventh-inning stretch.

On Al’s second lap through lyric he absolutely breaks down on this line:

“How can you mend this broken man? How can a loser ever win?”

That’s it, isn’t it? Can you ever be a winner after you’ve lost so much? Outfielder Domingo Santana lost pop flies in the sky. Infielder Tim Beckham (prior to another franchise embarrassing PED suspension) lost ground balls in the grass. Runners lost track of outs while on the base baths.

So much losing, for so long.

“I can still feel the breeze the rustles through the trees. And misty memories of days gone by.”

If you close your eyes you can still see Edgar Martinez ripping a double down the line and Ken Griffey Jr. flying toward home in 1995. Open them and you can see our beloved Edgar walking into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame joining The Kid. Edgar looks far older and Junior far less likely to fly.

Or perhaps you want to wipe the tears from your eyes for one last look at the 2001 team — the best team in the history of history to end as a loser. Yes, not even winning practically every game played could stop the Mariners from losing.

“How can you stop the raining from falling down? How can you stop the sun from shining?”

You can’t, and neither can you stop the Mariners from taking the field.

Not familiar with Dylan Moore, Austin Nola, Ryan Court, Zac Grotz, Matt Wisler and/or Keon Broxton. They happen to be your Seattle Mariners. If you purchase a ticket or chance upon one discarded on a sidewalk those will be some of the legends of the game you will someday tell your grandkids about.

This year’s Mariners motto is not “Concerned with Quality.” It’s “Hey, you gotta play somebody.”

Speaking of playing somebody, haven’t with resolved to the nth degree of certainty that the Houston Astros are much better team than the Mariners? I understand the need to generate revenue by selling beer at games but couldn’t we just play non-counters against the Astro’s AAA team? The type of whooping the Astros are laying down is bound to leave a scar.

“Somebody please help me mend my broken heart. And let me live again.”

Is M’s GM Jerry Dipoto listening? Is he The One? Or is he just fitter version of Jack Zduriencik?

Does Dipoto give us hope? Perhaps, but it’s a cautionary hope. We’re told there are players on the way — in a year or two or three. Of course, that’s if we’re lucky. Unfortunately we’re not lucky, we’re the Mariners, which means a third of those players will develop TB, a third will lacerate a kidney and a third will have at least one testicle rupture. Another third will just wash out before reaching AA ball, this is baseball after all. If you’re willing the gamble on success, it’s the fifth third that will surprise you — guys signed for 10 bucks in a Dominican Republic alley.

“What make the world go around?”

Hope, dreams, faith — all the stuff that does not require factual substantiation. We’re about to enter the most exciting part of the MLB season as teams put it all on the line to secure a precious playoff spot. As we say in Mariner Nation about this time of year, it’s the start of football season.

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