I have been trying to write a thank you note for a while now. But each time I start I can’t get many words through the tears.

Five months after Ryan was stolen from us, life is still very much up side down. We have a lot of good days and some pretty tough days too. I think about each person that was involved that night. My heart hurts for what we saw, heard, and had to do to pick ourselves and each other up. Ryan was one of a kind, the hole he leaves is vast and there will always be a massive void where he was in each of our lives.

Much of the first weeks are a blur with the overwhelming amount of people that were around to keep life in motion as it as was also standing still. The food, gifts, flowers, messages, prayers and hugs are very much appreciated; but are at times, still quite overwhelming. I saw so much love on social media, I heard you even though I couldn’t possibly respond to each person that reached out personally.

I have experienced so much good coming from the amazing folks in the Kittitas Valley. You are good people. There are too many people to thank for each little and big thing that people have done for for our family. I am so blessed that Ryan and I landed here and have this community watching out for each other.

We are doing our best and learning limits through trial and error. I’m trying to find the humor in the small errors such as barbecuing hamburgers with charcoal for the first time. I burned them so bad, but a little cheese and the teenagers didn’t say a word! We have been busy doing everything and anything to enjoy the outdoors as Ryan always did. It is a good time until the realization of how much he would be enjoying the day hits me. Even then, I smile through the tears.

The kids are doing alright. They miss their Dad in the biggest of ways. Ryan did it all from diapers, to fancy cooking, nighttime sick kid duty, weekend adventures and so many little things that made big memories. He was an amazing Daddy and I am doing what I can to adjust into the role of being both parents. I have a senior in high school, a preschooler and a super busy tiny Thompson this year. Wish me luck!

We really don’t need anything but prayers right now. And time. Time to think, remember and feel. More time to grieve as a family. We have stayed too busy and are trying harder than ever to slow down and reconnect. This is something I read about or heard about, but going through it is incredibly confusing and a roller coaster of learning, accepting of kindness and feeling grateful for the children that literally pull me out of bed each morning. Thompson is looking out for us today as much as any day. Pray for the kiddos if you think of us and know we love the people of our amazing community. I can’t thank you enough for the support we feel every day.

All our love,


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