Thumbs down to neglectful drivers

Thumbs down to drivers who do not have their headlights or even parking lights on during the especially foggy and dark days.

— Carla Kaatz

Thumbs up the music outreach program

Thumbs up to Larry Birger and Learn from the Masters Music Outreach (LMMO) for bringing amazing music not only to Ellensburg but to Eastern Washington in general. Wednesday’s concert with Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern was inspiring. Thank you, Larry and your board!

— Marte Fallshore

Thumbs up to Molly Verhey

Thumbs up to Molly Verhey for writing a great letter about climate disruption!

— Scott Nicolai

Thumbs down to drivers who don’t think of others

Thumbs down to drivers who think that because they can see clearly in foggy conditions that everyone on the road can see them. You are an accident waiting to happen and sadly, others will pay for your stupidity!

— Noella Wyatt

Thumbs up to I.O.O.F.

Thumbs up to the I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 20 and the I.O.O.F. Cemetery volunteers for restoring bicycles and refurbished computers every year for Community Christmas Basket.

— Raven Harlin

Thumbs up to Hogback Development Company

Thumbs up to Hogback Development Company for its donation to the Stan Bassett Youth Center. They don’t have their new (Marriott) hotel built yet, but are already contributing to our community.

— Roy Vidonne

Thumbs down to stealing from cars during church services

Thumbs down to people who ransack and steal contents from cars parked at churches around town during services. You are beneath contempt!

— Noella Wyatt

The following are staff submitted:

Thumbs up to Lessons and Carols

This is the 31st year of Ellensburg’s ecumenical Service of Lessons & Carols hosted by Grace Church, 1201 N. B St.. Patterned after the service used at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, Lesson & Carols has become a Christmas tradition, providing an opportunity for reflection and fellowship for all in the Kittitas Valley. The event is at 4 p.m., Sunday.

Thumbs up to Christmas lights

Our Christmas season is made all the brighter by the many residents who decorate their homes for the holiday season. The festive lights and other decorations create fun evening drives and give a boost on these ever-darkening, fog-shrouded day. Thanks to all who put in the work.


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