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Thumbs down to trying to get rid of post office

What is with Trump trying to get rid of the U.S. post office? He wants to get rid of vote by mail, it is easier to steal another election without it. Our stable genius. Don’t listen to Dr. Trump about injecting Clorox.

— Ron Nelson

Thumbs up to stopping for ducks

Thumbs up to the vehicles that stopped mid day Friday, May 15 at the cross walk near the bowling alley to allow a hen Mallard and her ducklings to cross University Way.

— Patrick Timblin

Thumbs up to Lou Andrew’s letter

Thumbs Up to Lou Andrew’s letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper, “There are needed socialist functions of government.” This list is longer than that and would include Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Without these retirement supports, many in our country would live in poverty as they grow old. All of us as workers have paid into these “socialist” retirement programs all our working lives. Government is necessary and exists to ensure the society and people it represents are served.

— Robin Anderson

Thumbs up to Pat Fischer’s letters

Thumbs up to recent letters by Pat Fischer! She also does a great facebook job in defense of her positions. I get a kick when she smokes out the pessimists that are too fake, nutty and timid to write their own letters. You Go Girl! Very refreshing to hear many more other conservative voices recently also. Good to know the silent majority is still out there!

— Dan Miles

Thumbs down to people camping in mountains

Thumbs down to all the people camping in the mountains. It’s against the law. Totally inconsiderate of the people working in healthcare that are working overtime to help all the sick people. Stay home. Stay safe.

— Marc Hake

Thumbs up to the Ellensburg Rodeo Post #683 VFW

Thumbs up to the Ellensburg Rodeo Post #683 VFW located in Kittitas, for placing flags at the High Valley Cemetery and all other service organizations that place flags at our cemeteries to honor our veterans and their family’s for their sacrifices to ensure our freedom.

— Pat Cort

The following are staff submitted

Thumbs up to CWU 2020 Distinguished Professors

Talk about an all-star lineup of Central Washington University professors — Jeffrey Snedeker, Yingbin Ge, Lixing Sun, Carey Gazis and Jennifer Green. Those five are the very worth recipients of this years CWU Distinguished Professor awards. Congratulations.


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