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Thumbs up to Dr. Mark Larson

Thumbs up to Dr. Mark Larson, who has tirelessly led our county through nine grueling months of the pandemic with scientific expertise, measured level-headedness, relentless problem solving, and true empathy. He has helped save countless lives, jobs, and spirits.

— Jill Zilligen

Thumbs down to fear of Merry Christmas

Thumbs down to the system that makes Christians afraid to say Merry Christmas! The millions that died for this country are turning in their graves.

— Stan Blazynski

Thumbs up to staff at Love’s Subway

I would like to thank Jana, Jessie and Kaylie at the Love’s Subway for great customer service. During these difficult times they are always very pleasant and make a great sandwich.

— Bill Woolworth

Thumbs up to The Burg

Thumbs up to The Burg 88.1 radio station for playing such fantastic Christmas Music. So nice to hear the great mix they’ve put together.

— Jim Miller

The following thumbs are staff submitted:

Thumbs up to all who served us in 2020

Whether you serve in the public sector as a teacher, school staff, police officer, firefighter or in the medical profession, or in the private sector us in local shops, grocery stores and restaurants, you went above and beyond this year. Regardless of the risk, you did your job and made the rest of our lives a bit more bearable in 2020. Thank you.

Thumbs up to a new year

It seems like 2021 was a long time coming, but this is one instance when the trite saying of “during the page on a new year,” carries a lot more meaning for people. Challenges remain ahead but there is hope that better days are ahead.

Thumbs up to maintaining COVID safety

The COVID-19 vaccine is being administered but it is going to take a while to spread to the general populace. As the year ended the county was at a high-water mark for active cases. We all need to remain on course, continue to follow medical advice to wear a cloth mask in public, physically distance and wash hands.

Thumbs up to continuing to support local businesses

There is no doubt that 2020 hit small businesses the hardest. If we want to get our community of small businesses through this rough stretch, they continue to need our support.


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