Thumbs up

Thumbs up to Thorp School superintendent

Thumbs up to Thorp School District Superintendent Andrew Perkins for giving community and kids farm-to-table education that supports self-sufficiency and good eating! Testing target should be Iowa Test of Basic Skills achievement that yielded Thorp “73rd percentile ranking” from Scrapbook 20-Years-Ago column.

— Sandy Elliot, grandparent

Thumbs up to wrecking mail box

I want to thank the county road crew for buggering up my mail box and splitting the stand post. As slow and as many quid up machines and personnel involved I can’t imagine no one observing this. Be nice to look up and see where you’re going once in a while.

— Len Williams

Thumbs up to Catlin and Kelly’s

Many thanks to Catlin Electric and Kelly’s Pump Sales and Service for working on a Sunday to get my water running again. You are the best!

— Cindy McMeans

Thumbs down to done deal

In 2009 DOT said the roundabout was not warranted. Interesting it’s now needed. I wonder if DOT ever asks truckers how they feel about having to go up on the circle to make the roundabout at west interchange? Also, have you ever tried to get from Dolaryway to Highway 97 (Perkins etc.) ... it’s a terrifying merge. But it’s a done deal, open house in the fall on 2019, put out contract in February 2020 and construction summer 2020. Why bother with an “open house”?

— Linnet Botkin

Thumbs up to the Driver License Office staff

Thumbs up to the polite, efficient and helpful staff at the Driver License Office on Mountain View for patiently coaching customers like me on the new documentation required for the enhanced license.

— Julie Peterson

The following are staff submitted

Thumbs up to s’mores

During these times of high fire hazard, the old gathering around the campfire routine gets shelved. Which, of course, means fewer opportunities for s’mores. The Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility has you covered on this one. From 1 to 3 p.m., today the facility off of Vantage Highway is holding a free activity for kids: Solar Oven S’mores. This will be a “power hour of science and crafts at Wild Horse. We will design and build a solar oven and cook some tasty S’mores,” according to the event promotional material.

Thumbs up to Cle Elum Roundup

No need to wait until Labor Day to catch rodeo action in Kittitas County. The annual Cle Elum Roundup, which is PRCA and WRPA sanctioned, starts at 6 p.m. Friday at the Washington State Horse Park in the Upper County. This event has steadily grown and improved over the years. For county rodeo fans its another chance to see quality competition.

Thumbs up to 50th anniversary of moon landing

In today’s fractured media market with each person enthralled with their own entertainment and information niche, it can be hard to explain the power of seemingly every person on the planet sharing a moment and an experience. The Apollo 11 landing on the moon on this day in 1969 was such an event. It’s one of the ultimate “Where you when … “ moments for people of a certain age.


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