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The Kittitas County Public Utility District 1 commissioners plan to offer the position of PUD general manager to the utility’s engineering manager Matt Boast.

Boast, 39, has been with the PUD for six years, and before that was assistant engineer with the city of Ellensburg’s energy office for 10 years.

Boast and PUD Operations Manager Brian Vosburgh for the past year have worked as the PUD’s co-interim managers. Former general manager Chuck Ward Jr. was let go on Dec. 27, 2011.

PUD commissioners on Tuesday read a proposed resolution into the record that calls for the hiring of Boast as the new general manager.

“I’m pleased about it,” Boast said this morning. “It’s been under discussion.”

Commissioner Paul Rogers, after the meeting, said the board is expected to  vote to formally hire Boast at a 1 p.m. Dec. 28 meeting.

In discussion

A draft employment contract is under discussion between Boast and the board, and it’s expected the contract will be formally approved on Dec. 28, along with salary provisions.

“We’ve been discussing this for quite a while, and we believe it’s a good move for the PUD to get back to having one person as general manager,” Rogers said.

PUD engineer

Boast, besides being general manager, would continue in his role as PUD engineer. 

The PUD board did not conduct a search, opting to hire from within instead, Rogers said.

Boast and Vosburgh, in temporarily sharing manager duties, have worked together well, and Rogers said both men have done a great job in managing day-to-day PUD operations and working with the board. 

This is reflected in the hard work done during the Taylor Bridge Fire, Rogers said, with PUD customers brought back online with power in a timely manner in a trying emergency situation. 

Assistant manager

Rogers said discussions with Vosburgh about hiring Boast have resulted in Vosburgh’s concurrence with the move. 

Commissioners also are considering naming Vosburgh assistant general manager on top of his operational duties, Rogers said. No salary changes have been settled on yet.

Boast’s regular engineering duties pay him $7,281 a month, and Vosburgh’s operations manager work gives him $8,157 a month. 

Early in 2012 the PUD Board agreed to pay each an additional $2,250 a month for extra duties as co-interim managers.

The general manager at the time of his firing in December 2011 made $11,250 a month, according to PUD records.


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