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Two riders made the eight-second whistle twice and both of those riders left the Ellensburg Rodeo arena dirt with huge paychecks and momentum going into the final month of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association regular season.

Official payouts weren’t available by press time, but the fact remains that Jordan Spears covered both bulls for 173 points on two rides for roughly $25,000 in earnings to with the tour finale.

It was sweet redemption for Spears as he drew Big Stone Rodeo’s Spotted Denim in the short round. Spotted Denim is the 2018 world champion bull and bucked Spears off in the 2017 National Finals Rodeo.

“It’s great to get revenge on a bull that manhandled me,” Spears told the crowd during an interview in the arena.

Most importantly for Spears is the fact that this Xtreme Bulls payout will catapult the California cowboy back to the NFR. Spears was 20th in the world coming into the week. This payday will definitely put him in the top 15 when next week’s standings are released.

Kimzey, however, was the best on the year as he came into Ellensburg with more than $67,000 earned on the Xtreme Bulls Tour. He leaves Ellensburg with about $18,000 in earnings after going 168.5 points on two rides. It’s the fourth Xtreme Bulls title in five years for the five-time world champion.

The paychecks also helped top-ranked Kimzey cross $200,000 in season earnings for the sixth straight year. Kimzey is looking for world title No. 6 come December in Las Vegas.

While Spears and Kimzey were the only two riders to cover two bulls, it was a crowded field in the long go as 13 bullriders made the eight-second whistle.

Boudreaux Campbell stuck 90 on War Cry to the delight of the crowd, leading the long go and picking up about $10,000 in the process.

Campbell came into the Xtreme Bulls finale ranked fourth in the Xtreme rankings. The Crockett, Texas, product had $37,816 in Xtreme Bulls earnings, which was $30,000 behind Kimzey.

The Xtreme Bulls third-ranked cowboy, Clayton Sellars was bucked off in 2.57 seconds, however, was awarded a re-ride after the judges decided he was run into the chute at the beginning of the ride. The re-ride paid off as Sellars bested Hell Pony for 85 points. Sellars was bucked off Birch Rodeo’s Air Technician in the short round.

Two bullriders were bucked off within a blink of an eye of eight seconds in the short round. Denton Fugate flew off Where’s the Whiskey in 7.34 seconds, while Josh Frost lasted 7.89 seconds on Tequila.

The lone successful rider to not make the finale was Tyler Bingham, who rode Korkow Rodeo’s Beltcher for 75 points. Eli Vastbinder’s 78.5 on Korkow’s Jambalaya was the 12th and final ride to make the cut.

Today’s Ellensburg Rodeo performance begins with the Grand Entry at 11:45.


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