Xtreme Bulls

Defending champion, Sage Kimzey rides Walk Away during Xtreme Bulls at the Ellensburg Rodeo in Ellensburg on Saturday night.

Despite the countless buckles and championships Sage Kimzey has won, trust him, it doesn’t get old to win championships, especially in Ellensburg.

“No, it doesn’t,” he said without hesitation. “Especially in a place like this. When I grew up, as cliché and corny as it sounds, I grew up dreaming about winning in places like Ellensburg and winning an Xtreme Bulls title. With those two things on the line it doesn’t get much sweeter.”

Kimzey was the lone bull rider to cover both of his bulls and picked up the tour stop win and the season championship at the Xtreme Bulls finale in front of a typical sellout in Ellensburg Saturday night.

Kimzey covered Corey and Lange’s Double Down for 87.5 points in the short round, giving him a two-round total of 166 on two rides.

While official statistics weren’t available by press time, it’s estimated that Kimzey earned more than $25,000. Kimzey picked up money for the short round win, but also collected the entire short round purse – ground money – since he was the only bull rider to make the eight-second whistle in the final round.

They money should move the four-time defending world champion to more than $260,000 in season earnings.

Twelve riders made the short round led by Elliot Jacoby (on Big Bend’s Lost Marbles) and Riker Carter’s (on Outlaw Bucker’s Mr. Sunshine) 86, followed closely by Ty Wallace’s 85.5. Due to injury, Wallace didn’t ride in the short round, replaced by Trey Benton III.

Official results will be posted in Monday’s Daily Record


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