Two Central Washington University barrel racers placed in the top four and another two tie-down ropers were among the best in their respective events as Sunday’s short round closed the three-day college rodeo hosted by Central Washington University at the Ellensburg Rodeo arena.

Fresh off Friday’s 17.81-second time to win the go-round, CWU’s Taylor Turner was a model of consistency during Saturday and Sunday’s two-round average. Saturday’s pattern was 18.15 seconds, with Sunday’s better by a blink of an eye at 18.11. Both times were fourth in each round, with her 36.36 average on two also fourth.

“That’s probably the best run I’ve ever made on that horse,” Turner said of Friday’s 17.81. “Everything came together, it was just an awesome run. I wasn’t really sure what to expect,” she continued. “I was the first person to run the entire weekend.”

The time showed her she and her horse had what it took to be a factor in college rodeo’s Northwest Region.

“I was confident. I knew I could do it, but there are nerves because you want to stay at that level,” she said of following up such a solid Friday run.

Turner was 13th in the Northwest Region’s standings coming into the weekend. Her points earned will most likely push her into the top 10 and beyond.

Turner was joined in the top four by fellow CWU athlete Leah Miller. Miller’s 17.69-second pattern was second on Saturday as was her 17.90-second run on Sunday for the second-place 35.59 average. Walla Walla Community College’s Shayla Currin won both Saturday (17.60) and Sunday’s (17.79) rounds and won the average with a 35.39. She placed second to Turner on Friday.

What a battle shaping up in team roping as next weekend’s regular season finale looms in Hermiston, Ore., with plenty of CWU teams in the mix.

CWU’s Wade Bruemmer, heading for Lewis and Clark State College Dillon Bahem, came into the weekend ranked first in the region, whereas Walla Walla’s Lexis Andrade and Calgary Smith of Walla Walla were a handful of points behind in second. CWU’s Riley Eres and Chance Gleave were third before this weekend’s points. Andrade/Smith won Friday’s round with a 6.8, just ahead of second-place Bruemmer/Bahem (7.0). Andrade//Smith won Saturday’s round with a 6.4, with Bruemmer/Bahem third in 7.8. In second was the CWU partnership of Michael Anderson and Trey Recanzone (7.4).

For Sunday, all four of the aforementioned teams had difficulties and fell in the short round and average standings, with Blue Mountain Community College’s Hanna Strate/Bryce Harrison winning the two-header with a 21.1 on two. Andrade/Smith finished third, one place ahead of Bruemmer/Bahem. Bruemmer broke the barrier for a 10-second penalty and a 17.4-second time.

“I was a little frustrated,” he said. “I broke the barrier on him. He started really slow. I definitely should’ve saw him more. That’s on me.”

The top three in the standings make it to June’s College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyo., as Bruemmer/Bahem are neck and neck with Andrade/Smith. Eres/Gleave looks to have a solid hold of third.

“It’s going to be pretty tight on who’s going to win it, but I think we’re looking pretty good to get to nationals in the team roping,” Bruemmer admitted.

Bruemmer and Recanzone both placed better in tie-down roping earlier in the day. Recanzone — the country’s fourth-ranked calf roper — won Saturday’s round and came in high call with an 11.4. However, the CWU junior broke the barrier and had difficulties with his tie, settling for a 25.2-second calf and a 36.6 average, good for fourth. Bruemmer’s 16.1-second Sunday run put him third on the day and second in the average with a 29.4. Treasure Valley Community College’s Indigo Sappington won the two-header with a 24.1.

“One of my buddies had a good run on him yesterday and today he basically ran the same pattern and I tried to make a similar type of run on him,” Bruemmer said. “He was a good calf.

“I’m proud to be in the short round in both events. I didn’t really go the way I wanted it to. It’s a good day when you get to do what you love. It’s all good.”

Central Washington’s Anne Madsen came into Sunday’s breakaway roping short round with a chance to move up from the bottom of the average after Saturday’s 4.2-second round. Unfortunately for the CWU roper, she suffered a no-time to finish ninth on the weekend. Walla Walla’s Berritt Watterson won Saturday (3.4) and split the win on Sunday (3.5) to win the average (6.9 seconds) handily.

In goat tying, Walla Walla’s Tommi Swannack dominated the event. After winning Friday’s stand-alone round with a 9.6-second goat, she placed in Saturday’s round with a 10.5 and split the win on Sunday with a 9.6. Her 20.1 on two won the average by six-tenths.

Just one bulldogger had a qualified time on Sunday, and Blue Mountain’s Bryce Harrison won the average with a 17.8 on two.

Blue’s Payton Wright was the lone bareback rider on Sunday and covered both his rides for the 130-point average win. Like Wright, Treasure Valley’s Greg Shannon was the only competitor in Sunday’s bull riding, but he failed to make the whistle. In saddle bronc, TVCC’s Jonathan Villagrana narrowly edged Blue Mountain’s Joseph Scott 103 to 100 on two rides for the win.

Next weekend’s rodeo in Hermiston is the final stop on the regular season schedule for all Northwest Region competitors. The top three in each event are guaranteed to move on to the CNFR.


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