Well, the time is right for the annual Guddat Family NFR pick ‘em. Four family members out to prove to the world they’re the smartest with rodeo prognostications. Actually, that’s not right, the only thing my three girls are focused on is not being quoted saying something incriminating. They fail every time.

Here we go: our world championship picks.


Adelyn went with Richmond Champion. “He’s in the top 10 and he won Ellensburg.” That’s a fair assessment. Delaney and Brittany went quirky with their picks. “Tim O’Connell, I like his hometown name of Zwingle, Iowa,” to which my wonderful wife, Brittany said, “Zwingle makes me tingle.” Yep, we fell off the rails pretty quick on our picks. Brittany chose Caleb Bennett. I can’t pick against the two-time champ O’Connell.


Delaney chose Ty Erickson due to his five NFR qualifications. Brittany went with the dark horse pick, Bridger Chambers to jump from eighth to first. Adelyn had a complimentary pick. “Hunter Cure, because he seems like an All-American guy and he kind of looks like you, daddy!” While Cure and I are apparently good lookin’ dudes, I’m tipping my hat to Erickson.


Delaney chose a team who was easy on the eyes. “Oooh, he’s cute, I’m gonna have to go with Bubba Buckaloo (and Chase Tryan).”

“I’ve got dibs on Junior (Nogueira) and Kaleb (Driggers),” Adelyn said. “They’re in the top two.”

Even though Addy had dibs, Brittany duplicated that pick.

I’m going with third-ranked Dustin Egusquiza and Kory Koontz.


Each lady was quotable with their bronc riding choices.

Delaney was confident in her pick, but changed her mind with her reasoning. “Sterling Crawley, because he’s Jacobs Crawley’s brother…honestly, it’s because he’s cute.”

Speaking of Crawley, Adelyn kept it in the family. “Jacobs, he’s awesome and he’s No. 1” Yep, the 2015 champ sits atop the standings just ahead of Ryder Wright, last year’s champ.

“Ryder Wright, because he’s a Wright brother. He’s got the Wright stuff, baby.”

I’ll chose Zeke Thurston to get his second buckle.


Four different people in our house, four different picks.

“Cory Solomon, because he’s the man,” Delaney said.

“I want Jake Pratt,” Brittany said of the former Ellensburg roper in his first NFR.

“I want to pick all three, bro,” Adelyn said of the top three ropers in the standings, Shane Hanchey, Tuf Cooper and Tyson Durfey. “I’ve met them all and they’re awesome.” (we’ll let her stick with all three picks, I guess).

After spending too many hours letting too many scenarios filter through my head, I went with Durfey.


Brittany chose Nellie Miller, “because she’s on fire,” while Delaney nodded toward Ivy Conrado, “because she’s cool,” (and she’s funny on Twitter, too, although that plays no bearing for Delaney). Addy went with Lisa Lockhart. “Dad, you always talk about her horse, Louie.”

I could have gone with any of the four ladies in the top four – Hailey Kinsel, Miller, Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi or Lockhart, but I tip my hat toward Miller for her second championship in a row.


I thought this one would be a consensus, but it wasn’t. Both Brittany and Adelyn saluted Sage Kimzey for his potential fifth-straight buckle, but Delaney went with fifth-ranked Chase Dougherty, “because he’s from Oregon.” OK, that makes sense…ish. I can’t go against Kimzey.


Delaney again went against the grain and said Ryle Smith would jump from fourth to the All-Around world championship. Adelyn chose current leader Tuf Cooper — “because she’s in love with him,” Brittany said, while also choosing Cooper. Last year I said that Trevor Brazile had one more in him and was wrong, I don’t think I’ll be wrong this year.

Who will win bragging rights? I’m not sure, but I look forward to watching it all play out.

Jon Guddat covers rodeo — from the kids to the kids at heart — with a weekly rodeo column in the Daily Record. Contact Jon with story ideas at jonguddat@yahoo.com.


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