It’s NFR time, and that means the Guddat family does another round of their annual world champion picks. After more than a decade of making their picks, my three girls — my wife Brittany, and kiddos Delaney and Adelyn — still haven’t learned that I’m going to quote them embarrassingly.

“I remember last year, Mr. Wood brought the paper to school and he read a bunch of things I said about Tuf Cooper and Sage Kimzey,” Adelyn remembered.


“I’ll go with Tim O’Connell,” Brittany said of the three-time champ, currently ranked sixth. Delaney went with top 5 cowboy Richmond Champion and Adelyn chose four-time champ Kaycee Feild, who’s just out of the top spot. It was between Orin Larsen and Champion for me, but I’m going with Champion for the win.

Steer wrestling

“I could give you some juicy one-liners, but I’m not going to,” Brittany chirped. “Are we going to put a little money on this one?” Ty Erickson was money all year long and was in the top spot most of the year. Adelyn thinks that’s her man. For Brittany, she went with two-time champ Hunter Cure, mostly because she watched him jump in the mud after winning Puyallup a few months ago. Delaney went with two-time and defending world champion Tyler Waguespack. I’m copying Adelyn with a nod toward Erickson.

Team roping

Delaney decided to split her teams, picking a header and heeler used to roping with each other, but aren’t roping together this year. “Clay and Jade!” she said of Tryan and Corkill. Brittany chose Coleman Proctor and Ryan Motes. Adelyn? Well she was clearly smitten with Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira. “Aren’t they just a snack?” I’m also going with Kaleb and Junior, but not because they’re “a snack.” The duo has placed second in the world for three straight years. This is their year.

Saddle bronc

The kiddos were blatantly honest with their reasoning in the bronc riding. Adelyn went with Jacobs Crawley, who has a tinge of red to his hair. “A little ginger spice, am I right!” I asked Delaney why she picked Rusty Wright. “Because he’s beautiful.” Oh, OK. Brittany chose Zeke Thurston because she thinks he can make up the $50,000 gap to leader Ryder Wright. I don’t agree and that’s why I went to Ryder to get his second world title.

Tie-down roping

This event got the most “ooh’s and ahh’s”. Delaney was competitive with her pick, going with 15th-ranked Cooper Martin, saying, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Adelyn chimed in, “Oh yeah, remember him Delaney? You said he was fine.” Adelyn agreed with her sister’s assessment of his looks, but then fell victim to the same indecisiveness that plagued her last year. “I’m going with all three of my babes, Tuf Cooper, Shane Hanchey and Tyson Durfey.” Brittany chose the rookie Haven Meged. It’s been five years since Cooper won a tie-down title. I think he waits no longer.

Barrel racing

“Oh! Stevi!” Adelyn exclaimed of sixth-ranked Hillman, whom she met during Labor Day weekend here. Brittany went with No. 3 barrel racer Lisa Lockhart, who makes her 13th straight trip to the Thomas and Mack. Delaney went to two-time champion Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi. For me, it’s going to be defending world champ Haley Kinsel. Kinsel got married to Jess Lockwood less than two months ago and Lockwood just won his second PBR world title. The good times will still roll for Kinsel.

Bull riding

Adelyn and Brittany both chose Sage Kimzey and just as she did last year, Delaney went with Garrett Smith. While Kimzey needed all 10 rounds to secure his fifth straight title and showed that he’s not indestructible 2018, he’s still the top bull rider out there until someone proves me wrong.


Brittany chose bull rider Josh Frost to win the All-Around because, “I think he’s going to put up some big go-round numbers.” Adelyn will be cheering for roper Tuf Cooper and Delaney went with bull rider Stetson Wright, “because he’s a Wright, duh.” Then the girls started talking about Wrights, then they started singing the New Kids on the Block song, “The Right Stuff” and then the wheels fell off pretty quickly after that. I’m going with Cooper since he picked up almost $23,000 at the NFSR two weeks ago. That puts him closer to Clay Smith and Stetson Wright in the standings heading into the NFR.

Well, there you have it. In addition to our picks to win it all, fans got to see who my girls think is good looking. Lord help me.

Jon Guddat covers rodeo – from the kids to the kids at heart – with a weekly rodeo column in the Daily Record. Contact Jon with story ideas at


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