If you weren’t there, you could’ve been like me, glued to the live stream short round of Fort Worth’s $667,000 Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show. Plenty of takeaways from that rodeo and some who didn’t take anything.

Case in point: The Minor brothers didn’t place in any round, but did well enough to make the short round, but the luck didn’t get any better and despite making it to the final night, no short round or average money for the duo. On the flip side, Jeff Fleniken and Jake Minor picked up nearly $3,700 for their work in the first round.

Steven Peebles, who I talked with after the circuit finals in Yakima, picked up $7,500 for his spur work in bareback riding. You may remember that Peebles is making this his swan song and is trying to not only make the NFR one more time but go out on top.

Fans might remember me talking last month about a lady named Jennifer Sharp whose best year the previous three years was 90th in 2018. Well, she shot up to first in the world last week and will hold onto that spot after winning more than $15,500 over the weekend, including second place overall at Ft. Worth. She has nearly $38,000 in earnings this week. She placed behind defending world champion Hailey Kinsel, who cashed checks worth $16,770 after winning the second and short rounds as well as the average in Ft. Worth.

Let’s talk about the family affair of the Cooper brothers, shall we? While Tuf and Clif won most of the money, oldest brother Clint got into the action as well and the trio of ropers picked up $27,349 in Fort Worth. Clif almost won it all (that went to Marty Yates) and Tuf had a little bad luck in the short round, but good to see all three of them earning a check. I’m a sucker for family dominance.

How about a little update on rodeos not completed yet? San Angelo will end later this week, and Jake Pratt will be in prime position for Friday’s short round. He’s winning the first round and is fourth in the average.

Let’s discuss San Antonio’s $1.45 million purse for a moment. Fleniken and Minor earned $1,250 in team roping’s first bracket but won’t be moving on to the semifinals. However, the Minor brothers will do just that by winning $2,750 so far in San Antonio. The Stock Show and Rodeo runs more than two straight weeks and it is so big contestants are broken up into brackets in each event. Cowboys and cowgirls can easily double and then some their money in the semifinals and finals winners will generate another $15,000 or so. Event champions usually take home more than $20,000, but many non-winners leave home with riches.

And if you’re talking big winter rodeos, you’re also talking about Rodeo Houston and The American which will be coming up in a couple of weeks.

Finally, we will be blessed with indoor roping this weekend at the Bloom. The Cowboy Traditions Ranch Roping takes place this Saturday and Sunday as part of the Spirit of the West annual celebration in town. Saturday features two-man doctoring during the Open finals. Sunday will feature novice and intermediate ropers, which will include fresh cattle during the finals. Roping fans should check this out, events like Spirit of the West and Cowboy Traditions Ranch Roping show the western way of life is alive and well.

Jon Guddat covers rodeo — from the kids to the kids at heart — with a weekly rodeo column in the Daily Record. Contact Jon with story ideas at jonguddat@yahoo.com.


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