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Are you serious? He won another one? And here I am thinking I hope I have a sliver of the same success during my career that Trevor Brazile has in (semi) retirement.

Brazile had a great weekend at the National Final Steer Roping. Vis Fisher Jr did as well. While others had solid performances, it was these two who went blow-for-blow in Mulvane, Kansas’ NFSR. When it was all said and done, Brazile earned steer roping gold buckle No. 7, his 25th world championship overall.

Brazile came into the Finals with $71,850 in the bank, some $12,000 (almost to the penny) ahead of Fisher. This wasn’t the first time these two have battled. Brazile was working on his 22nd entry into the NSFR. Fisher had 16 under his belt.

They roped just as you would expect veterans would rope.

The gauntlet was drawn in the first round with Brazile placing second to Fisher. Brazile split fifth in the second round before placing third – to Fisher’s win – in round three. Fisher and Brazile went fifth-sixth to finish the fifth round and the first day of the two-day event.

“We were in a battle,” Brazile said in a PRCA story, “and I wanted to do whatever it took to win here. All the gold buckles are special. This one was really cool because I was able to stay home because the steer roping schedule fit the new lifestyle I have chosen.”

That new lifestyle of picking very few rodeos to go to throughout the year certainly changed his path to the NFR – and he’s said he probably will never qualify for Las Vegas again – but his path to the NFSR seems to be free of speed bumps.

Saturday’s sixth through 10th rounds were much the same, with Fisher winning his third go-round of the weekend in the eighth round, while Brazile was in second. Tuf Cooper won round 10 (he won two rounds on the weekend himself), Fisher placed fifth and Brazile was out of the money but made a qualified run.

Speaking of qualified ties, Brazile was the lone roper to cover all 10 steers. That efficiency garnered the Texas 43-year old the average title and $27,347 payday that came along with it. Fisher was the best on nine head for second and $22,632. Brazile ended the year with $128,552, just ahead of Fisher’s $120,834. Brazile left Kansas with $56,707. Fisher out-earned Brazile with $60,998. Brazile won money in the first three rounds and six of 10 rounds overall.

While those two were the main headliners, there were 15 ropers overall. Tony Reina, who entered the NFSR 14th place in the standings with $35,311 on the year, nearly doubled that with a great weekend of roping. The five-time qualifier placed in five rounds and won third in the average for $32,756 on the weekend. Landon McClaugherty placed in six rounds and fourth in the average for $35,775. Four-time champion Scott Snedecor earned $29,675 and fellow four-time champ Rocky Patterson left with $25,098.

And let the record show that my kiddos Addy and D-Rae picked Cooper to win it all. But also let the record show that my beautiful wife, Brittany, along with myself, picked the King of Cowboys to win his seventh steer roping buckle.

Jon Guddat covers rodeo – from the kids to the kids at heart – with a weekly rodeo column in the Daily Record. Contact Jon with story ideas at


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