Sept. 1

n Kelsey and Derek Haney of Ellensburg, a girl, Liv Mae Marie Haney, 8 pounds 1 ounce

Sept. 2

n Amanda and Aaron Stark of Ellensburg, a boy, Cole Randall Stark, 8 pounds 1 ounce

Sept. 3

n Arianna and Garrett Zollinger of Ellensburg, a girl, Ellie Dawn Zollinger, 8 pounds 10 ounces

n Christine and Jason Barrom of Ellensburg, a girl, Eden Grace Barrom, 7 pounds 0 ounces

Sept. 5

n Gloria C. Frias Aguilar and Miguel A. Sanchez Montoya of Ellensburg, a boy, Henry Miguel Sanchez Frias, 6 pounds 12 ounces

Sept. 6

n Clare Vallejos and Matt Bailes of Ellensburg, a boy, Jackson Buffalo Bailes, 6 pounds 6 ounces

n Allysha and Kyle Schueler of Ellensburg, a boy, Noel Frederick Schueler, 8 pounds 6 ounces

n Jenna Elise and Aaron Allen Norton of Lind, a girl, Thea Marie Norton, 5 pounds 11 ounces


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