Max Loncosty is a great example for all students! He is always excited for every activity we do in class. He is on time and always follows the rules. Max is a good student and a pleasure to have in class.

— Mrs. Bremner

Chael Novotny is a natural born leader. He comes to school each day with a smile on his face and is always ready to learn. Chael thrives when he is helping peers and adults. He is always respectful and responsible and sets a wonderful example for the other students in our classroom. Chael has a heart for helping others; he can always be found cheering on a classmate, encouraging them to try their best, or lending a helping hand to anyone that needs it. I am so proud of Chael and the positive impact he has on everyone at our school. Way to go buddy!

— Mrs. Kelleher

Wyatt Webster is such a pleasure to have in class. He is considerate, helpful, caring towards his friends and teacher and always wants to do the right thing. He is a role model for his classmates. He also strives to do his very best everyday with his class work and is eager to learn new things. I’m so proud of you, Wyatt! Keep it up!

— Mrs. Slyfield

First grade

Abby Didenhover works hard in school and always pays attention when I am teaching. She is kind to all of her classmates. I am enjoying having her in my class this year!

— Mrs. Coons

Cash Fitterer has been such a joy to have in class. He is always giving his best effort and is a friend to everyone. Way to go, Cash! I am so proud of you!

— Mrs. Dixon

Second grade

Maggie Fekkes is kind, respectful and helpful to others. Maggies always gives her best quality while completing tasks. She is a motivated worker.

— Mrs. Byers

Maddison Hardy demonstrates the Coyote Way both in the classroom and on the playground. She is a kind student who makes friends easily, always has a smile for us in the mornings, and stays on task in the classroom everyday. Maddi starts her work right away after given directions are given and offers a hand to help when a student needs help reading or in math. Great job Maddi!

— Ms. Kilts

Payson Lowe is a fantastic role model for our class. He is very respectful to everyone. Payson jumps in to help out both his classmates and his teacher. He is polite and well—mannered. Payson is also very responsible… He comes to school each day ready and eager to learn! I love to watch him in cooperative group activities because he works so well with everyone. He’s great at keeping his team on track. Payson is a rock star 2nd grader and I’m so glad I get to spend the year with him in my class!

— Mrs. Taylor

Third grade

Kenall Markus is a sweet girl who is always listening and working hard. She has a kind heart and is a good friend to others. I can count on kendall to be respectful, responsible and safe. She is a great leader and an example for others to follow.

— Mrs. Dekoning

Fourth grade

Alexa Menchaca is a delight to have in the classroom. SHe is serious about learning~ always on task and working hard! I love that she is kind, cooperative and takes charge of her learning. Keep up the super work, Alexa!

— Mrs. Cross

Josh Ehr is someone I can always count on. He is respectful, responsible and safe. He is kind to everyone and great friend. Thanks for being so awesome Josh!

— Mrs. Nash

Fifth grade

Alexander Brouwer is kind and helpful. He is a role model and exceptional behavior. He is the first to step up and help others. He is dependable, and a great sport in every situation. He makes our classroom a great place to learn. He exemplifies “The Coyote Way!”

— Mrs. Brunson

Yaretzi Cordero always follows the Coyote Way. She is safe, responsible, respectful and does not bully. Yaretzi is willing to grow and learn in class every day!

— Mrs. Moen

The Kittitas Elementary Specialist Teachers are proud to announce their Grade level Students for the month of October! These students continually model the Kittitas Elementary expectations of respectfulness, responsibility and safety. Congratulations to:


Macoy Nunley — Mrs. Bremner

First grade

Fernanda Menchaca — Mrs. Dixon

Second grade

Zachery McNealy — Mrs. Byers

Third grade

Quinton Newcomb — Mrs. Dekoning

Fourth grade

Trenton Omlin — Mrs. Cross


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