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n “The birth of the FBI: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service, and the fight over America’s premier law enforcement agency,” by Willard M. Oliver. Rowman & Littlefield, c2019.

n “Diagnosis female: how medical bias endangers women’s health,” by Emily Dwass. Rowman & Littlefield, c2019.

n “From Russia with blood: the Kremlin’s ruthless assassination program and Vladimir Putin’s secret war on the West,” by Heidi Blake. Mulholland Books/ Little, Brown and Company, c2019.

n “Good housekeeping simple organizing wisdom: 500+ quick & easy clutter cures,” edited by Laurie Jennings. Hearst Books, c2019.

n “How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy,” by Jenny Odell. Melville House, c2019.

n “Jay-Z: made in America,” by Michael Eric Dyson. St. Martin’s Press, c2019.

n “Labyrinth of ice: the triumphant and tragic Greely polar expedition,” by Buddy Levy. St. Martin’s Press, c2019.

n “Molly: the true story of the amazing dog who rescues cats,” by Colin Butcher. Celadon Books, c2019.

n “National Geographic atlas of the National Parks,” by Jon Waterman. National Geographic, c2019.

n “A polar affair: Antarctica’s forgotten hero and the secret love lives of penguins,” by Lloyd Spencer Davis. Pegasus Books, c2019.


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