In 1999 in Ellensburg, Bob Hood received piloting lessons from the local Experimental Aviation Association chapter by doing touch and goes in the Piper Tri Pacer.

Then, EAA Chapter 492 in Ellensburg sent Bob to EAA Camp in 2000. Bob then after high school trained to be an airline pilot in the Big Bend Community College Aviation Program in Moses Lake, from 2004 to 2006. After graduating Big Bend with his associate degree and a commercial pilot certificate, Bob finished his bachelor degree at Central Washington University in 2008.

He flight instructed and did various pilot service work to build his hours, and was hired by Horizon Air to fly the Bombardier Q400 in 2011.

In 2018 Bob transferred to Alaska Airlines to be a First Officer on the Boeing 737. EAA Chapter 492 is proud to have introduced Bob to aviation and is proud of what he has accomplished. EAA Chapter 492 for others than Bob Hood has provided scholarships, sent them to EAA Camp and taught them to fly.

“Without the mentorship, encouragement, and guidance from EAA members such as the late Jack Dugan, Mike Katz, Terri Sloan, Lee Bates, Jerry McCullough, Dick Szuba, Dick Pingrey and Tom McMahon, I wouldn’t be as involved aviation,” Hood said.

“I’m the first in my family to hold a pilot certificate, and EAA’s community efforts, such as Young Eagles, are vital in helping kids who are interested in airplanes further develop that passion and get them involved in aviation. The effort that EAA volunteers put forth is incredibly valuable and it makes an incredible impact and difference. I’m very lucky to have a great career as a pilot and to have a passion for aviation, and I’m forever grateful to Chapter 492 and EAA for helping me.”

Hood’s love of flight was nurtured by members of the Ellensburg EAA club. They members let him hang around, answered questions, took him flying, sponsored him to EAA camp and one member in particular, the late Jack Dugan actually taught him to fly.


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