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15 years ago

The Saturday Farmers Market will have special entertainment with Chuck Wahie playing the bagpipes to promote the Valley Musical Theater’s summer production of “Brigadoon.”

— June 22, 2005

20 years ago

Downtown business owners gathered to learn about the Main Street program, a philosophy that focuses on making a small city’s downtown the heart of the community. This involved historic designations of buildings, removal of siding from brick buildings, and pavers and period lighting being installed and removal of parking meters to allow a uniform, historic hometown feeling in the downtown core.

— June 22, 2000

50 years ago

Women’s liberation movement moved to the Ellensburg city pool. A regulation requires women and girls to wear bathing caps for sanitation and safety, but the regulation does not cover caps for men with long hair. A niece of a councilman was not allowed in a pool even though she had short hair, but no bathing cap. At the same time several young men were swimming with long hair coming to their shoulders and were not wearing bathing caps. From the discussion, it appears the rule requiring bathing caps with be abandoned.

— June 23, 1970

75 years ago

A 200 pound ram was stolen or let out of Brantley Holt’s pickup truck parked at 907 East Second Street. The loss was reported to the police.

— June 25, 1945

100 years ago

Farmers with property on Wilson Creek, south of the city, presented themselves before city council requesting the city sewer emptying into Wilson Creek be changed to empty into the Yakima River, allowing that creek water is damaged especially in warm weather making the water dangerous to livestock and persons.

— June 22, 1920

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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