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20 Years Ago

Red Cross set up in the Samuelson Union Building on campus and collected 44 donations on the first day of the college blood drive.

— Nov. 17, 2000

30 Years Ago

Five Central Washington University researches studying women in groups, in literature, and in other cultures will report on their work at a special forum on Nov. 19 on campus.

— Nov. 16, 1990

50 Years Ago

Construction of a new home for Central Washington College’s physical plant is well underway on a muddy site at Fifth and D streets. The project will be completed next summer. The new multi-unit structure will house offices, shops and warehouse of the physical plant. Parking space will also be included for state motor pool vehicles as all operations will relocate from the plant’s Seventh Street location except for the boiler.

— Nov. 17, 1970

75 Years Ago

Following an off and on two-hour car chase during which Ellensburg police fired 12 warning shots, the Ellensburg police picked up a 21 year old who had outrun them on three occasions in the same night. It began with a collision with a sedan on Third and Pine, but there were no injuries, just a lost bumper. The suspect fled in his car, avoiding police pursuit. The police saw the suspect on Yakima highway, escaping the patrol car. Later the suspect’s car was seen at Second and Pearl Streets but escaped pursuit again. The suspect was apprehended when he returned to his garage and found the city police awaiting his arrival.

— Nov. 17, 1945

100 Years Ago

A bloody murder was discovered by the Kittitas Valley Sheriff’s patrolmen. Victor Anderson, 60, who had a small ranch and placer mine in the Swauk, is dead as the result of a bloody fight between Anderson and another man, now in custody in the county jail. Anderson’s body is a mass of bruises and cuts from head to foot and suffered two bullet wounds to the hand and foot.

— Nov. 17, 1920

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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