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15 years ago

The 97-year old Milwaukee Road depot, facing demotion in 1999 will buzz with activity around Memorial Day of next year, as $800,000 of renovations are progressing well. The remodeled depot will feature a museum and will serve diners in its new eatery. The depot will be painted in original colors, and original furnishings.

— June 15, 2005

20 years ago

A celebration of the 10th anniversary of the greenway will feature a wagon train leaving from Thorp on July 13. The wagon teams will spend four days covering 56 miles of the 120 miles following the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.

— June 16, 2000

50 years ago

Construction of an arterial on Chestnut street from Mountain View Avenue to Eighth Avenue will be a reality as a part of the City of Ellensburg’s six year street plan. Council designates Chestnut Street as the arterial not Walnut Street, as on previous plans. It was pointed out that four houses will need to be purchased to permit the street to be pushed through from Hobert to Mountain View.

— June 16, 1970

75 years ago

After attending treaty celebrations at White Swan, Lou Richards, arena director, for the Ellensburg Rodeo, was assured that there will be plenty of Indians attending the rodeo. Over 100 Indians in elaborate costumes and 100 horses will be involved in parades, opening ceremonies, dances, and other events.

— June 15, 1945

100 years ago

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul east bound freight train No. 74, with its air brakes out of commission and the regenerator on the huge electric locomotive refusing to work plunged wildly down the grade from Boylston tunnel toward the Columbia river at 4:30 this morning, scattered approximately 58 freight cars along the right-of-way for miles, destroyed hundred of thousands of dollars worth of property, killed one man, seriously injured another and slightly in jousted still another, and has tied up traffic completely for the time being.

— June 16, 1920

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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