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15 years ago

A U.S. Army Special Forces unit at Fort Lewis is planning a march and run exercise on 80 miles of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail involving 70 soldiers. A timed, competitive exercise, will include carrying packs and communication equipment but no weapons or ammunition.

— Feb. 4, 2005

20 years ago

A grant for more than $220,000 to weatherize and preserve the old Northern Pacific Railway depot was awarded to the city by the state Department of Transportation.

— Feb. 4, 2000

30 years ago

The Rodeo City Ham Radio Operators club will be hosts overnight to seven Russian ham operators this May. The Russians will be participating in the “Ham Fest” in Yakima on the weekend.

— Feb. 5, 1990

50 years ago

Basketball City. Central’s league leading Wildcats are now third in a national NAIA poll, ninth in the Associated Press small college poll and 15th in the UPI wire service small college poll. Ellensburg High’s league leading Bulldogs rank first in the eyes of their fans and second in the Class AA poll conducted by the AP and UPI ranks them fourth.

— Feb. 6, 1970

75 years ago

Newly elected captain Clarence Fitterer of the Ellensburg Rodeo posse announced at its annual meeting that last fall’s horse show netted $1,786.66 for the Ellensburg War Services Fund. That fund supplies resources to war veterans returning to civilian life. More horse shows are planned.

— Feb. 5, 1945

100 years ago

N.P. Weeks, engineer of the Evening Record’s big press has a champion rooster. The rooster is a 15 pound giant who consumes about three pounds of rooster feed daily. When Weeks gets home from running the newspaper press, the rooster greets his owner at the gate and insists on being carried around under his arm while the chores are being done.

— Feb. 5, 1920

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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