20 years ago

Romance was found on the world wide web. Kelly Hawkins found her true love in a chat room. She befriended Johan Jansema of Holland and they’ve become a couple for a lifetime. Hawkins and Jansema decided they would get married. As for their families, Hawkins explained, “They don’t mind, as long as we’re happy.”

— Oct. 12, 1999

30 years ago

The Ellensburg Job Service is experiencing a shortage of workers for this time of year and is seeking applications to fill many positions. The jobs range from fry cook to associate architect.

— Oct. 10, 1989

50 years ago

Ellensburg goes south for Friday night football in search of their first Mid-Valley league victory as they visit Grandview. The Bulldogs are still smarting from their non-league shellacking by Eastmont 22-5 last time out. The team hopes to be better when the club came from a behind to win 14-13 last year at Grandview’s homecoming game.

— Oct. 8 , 1969

75 years ago

An Ellensburg youth, Paul A. Huppert, 23,was the first American on a plane to land on the airfield on Peleliu Island after its capture by United States Forces. Huppert was a crewman on a Navy Liberator which was off its course and came down on the strip at Peleliu.

— Oct. 6, 1944

100 years ago

G.W.D. Glenn has raised a Giant Sunflower on his place in Ellensburg at S.E. Capital Ave. The sunflower measures 14 feet high with the flower itself measuring 11 inches across. It was raised from seeds.

— Oct. 8, 1919

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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