15 years ago

Quotes from residents through-out the year:

“I’ve always said, give me two Ellensburgs and I’ll skip Pendleton every year,” said Joe Beaver, professional rodeo roper.

“I came landed here with $3 in m pocket and no child support. I worked my tail off,” said Julia Karns employee of the year, Kittitas County Health Department.

“I live kind of a boring life, but there is plenty going on,” said Jerry Dolin, Top Hands President,

— Dec. 30, 2004

20 years ago

While there are some preparations for the Y2K, locals aren’t too worried. Safeway reports more purchases of drinking water and Super One is responsible for getting portal water at the hospital if water supply fails. Banks report little change in activity with withdrawals made more for holiday purchases than emergencies. Few people are renting portable heaters or generators from MRM Rentals. Some outlying residents are calling to have fuel tanks topped off. None of the gas stations reported increased fuel purchases.

— Dec. 31, 1999

50 years ago

The wearer topped the year as the biggest news event in the year. Even mini-skirted coeds bundled up as temperatures rains below zero causing severe strains on power and a run on “extra heating items” as well as threatening the cattle industry and later near-flooding from resultant run-offs.

— Jan. 1,1970

75 years ago

An 18-year-old student had Lady Luck by her side as the Piper Club seaplane she was flying crashed into the 110,000 volt power lines which crosses Lake Chelan at Lucerne, flipped over on its back, and quickly sank until only the pontoons remained on top of the water. She was able to force the cabin door open and clamber atop one of the pontoons, where she waited shivering for five minutes until her sister in law rescued her in another seaplane.

— Dec. 30, 1944

100 years ago

Charles Manners, proprietor of the Oriole Flower and Candy Shop, is exhibiting a live and exceedingly deadly tarantula which he captured in a new bunch of bananas which he just received. Mrs. Manners has the tarantula in a glass jar where timid folks may view it safely. After another day of exhibition the insect, will be presented to Dr. Munson of the Normal School.

— Dec. 31, 1919

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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