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First of all, thank you to all who have responded to our earlier story about the big colony of cats and kittens that we, Kittitas County Friends of Animals and Valley Community Cats, are in the process of rescuing, taking care of their health needs and finding lifelong homes for many of them.

The two beautiful kittens pictured are examples of the successes we’re having. These kittens were humanely trapped about a month ago, right before the first serious cold snap. They were tiny, very cold, hungry and frightened.

We had a foster home ready to receive them within an hour of their capture. A warm, quiet room was ready,with a small, clean carrier, some good kitten food and plenty of water. The kittens are good at taking care of themselves, but we check on them a few times per day, “talk” with them, keep things clean, and follow up with any health problems we notice. These kittens rebounded within a few days — most do, and best of all for this rescue situation — the kittens have all been healthy.

We have been actively trapping because of the cold weather, and we are quite overwhelmed by our efforts. There are over 20 in care as I write, and at least a dozen more awaiting rescue at the site. Help!

Fostering involves basic feeding, cleaning and “socializing” these kittens so that they are able to be adopted through our Seattle area affiliates or within our community. The “work” requires very little time and space, but does take love and gives it back. We would like to invite you to join us you in this truly happiness-producing project. We can provide training and supplies, and more information. Check our websites for details, and/or call Karen 509-925-1123 or Andrea 509-929-3357. Thank you!


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