Third grade

Lincoln Scherzinger, 8, is a strong leader in our classroom. He is kind, helpful, and always ready to learn. He consistently makes good choices and is a friend to all.

— Elizabeth Preciado

Steven Schrader, 8, starts each day with a smile and is ready to tackle any challenge. Steven is a positive leader in our room and he his kind heart makes him a good friend. Way to go Steven.

— Katy Wallace

Callum Woods-Vallejo, 8, is a kind and conscientious third grader who is an awesome leader in our classroom. He is a thoughtful contributor and problem solver, always putting great effort and energy into his work. Well done, Callum.

— Andrea Eylar

Nathaniel Vanbuskirk, 8, has been a wonderful addition to the Valley View family this year. He has proven to have a kind heart and strong work ethic. I really enjoy seeing him each day. Keep up the good work Nathaniel.

— Katy Cavanaugh

Fourth grade

April Lara-Rodriguez, 9, is such a sweet, compassionate, and caring young lady who has helped interpret for a very sweet new student to our classroom. April has not hesitated to help our new friend out, which shows what a wonderful young lady she is. Congratulations April.

— Katherine Malcolm

Kayser Dempsey, 9, is dependable, kind, gracious and hardworking. She has an obvious love of learning and makes others smile each and every day.

— Katrina Durham

Maxwell Bodkin, 9, has started the school year with a positive attitude. He follows directions quickly and loves learning new things. Max works well with his classmates and we all enjoy the smile he brings to the classroom each day. Great job, Max.

— Monica Quattrochio

Dylan Oehlerich, 10, is responsible, respectful, and has a positive attitude. Dylan does things to help others, and is a great friend to all of the students in our class. He is a good listener and accomplishes tasks on time and with care. Dylan is truly a leader in our classroom. Way to go, I am proud of you.

— Heather Butchart

Fifth grade

Ty Rosales, 10, was nominated by his classmates as our September Student of the Month. Ty continuously has a positive attitude. He encourages others, is respectful, and strives to do his best work at all times. Keep up the great work, Ty.

— Stefanie King

Samuel Henderson, 10, has started the school year off strong. He volunteers regularly, follows directions, and is kind to his peers. Keep up the great work.

— Daniel Shaw

McKenna Franklin, 10, is a self-starter, a kind individual who cares about others, and a good student. She works hard for her success and is happy to help others when she’s done. McKenna exemplifies PAWS for our class. Good job, McKenna.

— Lael Wright

Noah Hardin, 10, provides a quiet, positive presence in our custom. Through friendly conversation, he makes a point of connecting with both students and adults. Noah works diligently in class, monitors his own learning, and is a regular contributor during discussions.

— Rosalyn Miller


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