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WENATCHEE, Wash., Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Every 365 days, we pause, consider the year behind us, and anticipate the year ahead. As we reflect now, nothing's ever looked quite like this. And dentists continue to deal with historical shifts in healthcare with little precedent to lean on. Dental practices ground to a halt in March with mandatory restrictions on elective procedures after a strong start to the year. This historical period led to slow re-openings and loosening of some limitations, but in the most recent American Dental Association (ADA) surveys, practices on average continue to report 80% of previous patient volumes. As COVID-19 cases spike again, unprecedented disruption, anxiety, and loss leave us with uncertainty to start 2021.

To the Editor:

The Colorado Mission of Mercy is a large-scale dental clinic that is held annually in a Colorado community. With 125 portable dental chairs, dental services are provided to adults, elderly, and children, who cannot afford dental care.  An outpouring of nearly 200 volunteer dentists from across the state — along with hundreds of dental hygienists, assistants, lab technicians, and a myriad of lay volunteers and other health professionals donate their time.