CLE ELUM — Grace Terrill didn’t hold back on Wednesday.

With conference foe La Salle High School girls soccer coming off a 1A state championship and defeating the Cle Elum-Roslyn Warriors twice in 2018 by double digits, Terrill is optimistic about the 2019 Warriors.

“I think La Salle better look out because I think we got a shot to beat them this year,” the senior said.

What’s it going to take?

“It’s going to take like full focus the whole game,” she added. “Just coming in not psyching ourselves out. Sometimes we think about it too much. We forget who we are, and think about who they are. We got to remember who we are, not who they are.”

Cle Elum-Roslyn finished the 2018 campaign with an 11-6-1 mark, qualifying to state but falling in the first round to Deer Park High School, 11-3.

The Warriors are part of a formidable conference with La Salle, Warden High School (defeated Cle Elum-Roslyn 10-3 in district semifinal), and Highland High School. All four teams earned a bid to state.

Cle Elum-Roslyn returns the prolific tandem of Terrill, an Eastern Washington University commit, and senior Grace Jackson, a Central Washington University commit.

Terrill led the team with a sterling 34 goals of the team’s 77. Jackson wasn’t too far behind with 25. Terrill added 26 assists to Jackson’s 11.

“T (Terrill) and Jack (Jackson) are our killer shots in the midfield,” said second-year head coach Maddie Fletcher. “But they work really with developing and getting everyone else to shine.”

Terrill and Jackson have competed together way before high school, so the two have developed perpetual chemistry — and it’s shown.

“Just like having that bond from such a young age has been awesome,” Terrill said. “And just being able to kind of know each other’s strengths. Like, I know Jack’s super-fast, I can play her long balls and she’ll beat anyone else because she’s just that fast.

“Just knowing that stuff about each other and like being able to involve the other players because we know how to work with each other. Then it’s really easy to get other people involved because we draw attention, and then we just disperse it and then Avalon (Dewitt) shoots, Meadow (Stone) shoots.”

Along with the Grace duo, Cle Elum-Roslyn also returns sophomore midfielder Dewitt, who tallied 10 goals last season (third on the team), senior defender Hallee Hink and senior midfielder Emily Taylor.

Cle Elum-Roslyn didn’t graduate much other than goalkeeper Karley Burrows, who recorded 85 saves last season in 18 games played.

“Pretty much all of our returners our key to our team and the culture, and the success of last year,” Fletcher said.

The Warriors added six freshmen to the varsity squad: Camo Kossow, Stone, Julie Hurley, Jessica Copp, Ella Bridenback and Rachael Bator.

“I’m excited for all the freshmen, really,” Terrill said. “… I can definitely see a lot of the freshmen seeing the field in the first game. Almost all of them, I would say for sure.”

There’s a void at goalkeeper with the loss of Burrows, so the Warriors have Kossow and sophomore Maddy Burley battling it out.

The Warriors are eyeing state for the third consecutive year — but hoping to avoid a first-round exit.

“All the girls have drive,” Fletcher said. “So, just play as hard as we can every single game, show up at practice, play as hard as we can every single day, and just to work together.”

Cle Elum-Roslyn opens up its season at home versus University Preparatory at noon this Saturday.


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