Warriors volleyball

The 2019 Cle Elum-Roslyn High School volleyball team.

CLE ELUM — The Cle Elum-Roslyn High School volleyball team has begun its 2019 season. The Warriors are made up of five seniors, four juniors, two sophomores and two freshmen.

The first two tournaments had several players without enough practices, due to the tighter scheduling of the first day of practice. However, the Warriors still made a solid showing with a mixed win-loss record of games at two tournaments.

Seniors include Davi Vaughn, Natali Baker, Naomi Baker, Caitlin Hormuth and Jenna Abourezk. Vaughn moved from all around player to Libero this year to tighten up the back row in defense and passing. Natali Baker as a setter is able to consistently give the hitters a myriad of quality sets. Naomi Baker continues to be a starting all around player, that hits consistently as an outside hitter. Hormuth is a 6-foot middle hitter/middle blocker who has increased her skills every year. Abourezk returned to volleyball after a two-year hiatus from the game, but will be an asset as a defensive specialist.

Juniors Hannah Rainwater, Kylee Cuffe, Amaya Smith and Brook Wolf show a solid level of play. Rainwater is the starting middle hitter/blocker and is increasing her blocking skills as she double blocks with the outside hitters and single blocks the middle. Cuffe moved from the backup outside hitter to the starting outside hitter this year with her jump and improved skill levels in blocking. Smith keeps her moving forward as she shares time on both varsity and JV. Wolf rounds out the junior class as a back row defensive specialist and Libero.

Sophomores are Kindall Gray-Michael and Tania Denney, while freshman include Ady Maletzke and Megan Conover. Gray-Michael is a 6-foot transfer student and plays both middle hitter and outside hitter. She is growing in skill and is a capable all-around front row player. Denney moved up from JV at the end of last year and will be playing both varsity and JV as a middle hitter and outside hitter.

Freshman Maletzke is an all-around player, who can back up the setter if necessary. The last player added was Conover. She is a setter for JV, back up setter and defense specialist for varsity.

Overall team size has increased from 13 players in 2017-18, to 18 players in 2018-19, and this year sports 24 players. The Warriors are coached by Patricia Garris and Erin Thorlakson.


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