Summer athletic camps at Central Washington University have commenced with multiple teams slated to bring in many high schools and student-athletes around the state.

It’s very beneficial not only financially for CWU athletics, but to also use it as a recruiting tool.

Camps can last one to multiple days, varying from each sport. While most are designed for the high school level, volleyball will hosts youth and middle school camps.

There are tournaments, too, which volleyball and men’s basketball will organize.

CWU athletic director Dennis Francois estimated around 2,500 kids coming to the camp over each summer. While a small margin of those will go on to play a collegiate sport, it’s still a chance to expose the university in general.

Teams and their participants will stay overnight in the resident halls (depending on the sport), eat in the dining halls and get a taste of what it’s like at CWU.

“They get exposed to Central in a pretty neat way, and it’s a great opportunity for our campus to do some recruiting as well,” Francois said.

Undoubtedly, the renovations to Tomlinson Stadium and the brand new track facility add more enticement.

Each athletic program is able to generate revenue that can be used it many ways according to Francois.

“Some of that goes to supplement coaches salaries where they are receiving an additional salary through camp,” he said. “Some of it is literally where they’re putting ‘X’ amount of dollars of their camp revenues towards a position that is being paid throughout the 12-month period. ‘Hey, in order for us to have this extra position for our program, we’re going to get that from our camp revenues.’

“Of course, some of them put it back into their program as well in terms of operational things or little extra recruiting, or something they feel they need to purchase to help make their program more competitive.”

Football brings in an ample amount of high schools teams for its two separate camps that take place on June 15-18 and 21-24.

Volleyball hosts several camps with a couple that have already occurred this spring. It still has a high school tournament (June 15-16), youth camp (June 17-19) and another high school tournament and team camp (July 6-8).

Women’s and men’s rugby has already hosted its single day camps as well as women’s soccer.

Men’s basketball will have its high school tournament on June 28-July 1 and women’s basketball will be from June 25-27.

Women’s softball is to be determined.

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