Physical is the best word to describe the Ellensburg High School boys soccer match versus Quincy High School.

Not only has Quincy played aggressive in the past with Ellensburg, but this game had more meaning than the first time these two teams squared off, when Ellensburg won 1-0.

The winner of Thursday’s match moved on to district playoffs, and the Bulldogs came on top with a 2-0 victory.

Once Quincy was in desperation mode in the second half, it became even more belligerent. And there were plenty of no calls.

With four minutes remaining, Ellensburg head coach Mark Timko had enough and let the referee know that it was becoming unsafe to not call any fouls and allow this type of play. The ref issued him a red card immediately and Timko had to leave the field.

“Once we got the second goal, I thought Quincy was really dirty and rough,” Timko said. “We have a player still in an ankle brace from our first game against Quincy earlier in the year. That tends to be their mode of operations when they’re down.

“Unfortunately, I told the ref to protect my players and he gave me a red card, so I’m going to have to miss the first playoff game on Saturday, but I’m confident the boys can do it without me there — they’re ready to go.”

Said Tizoc Barbosa: “This team is known to be physical with us.”

Barbosa made the switch from defense to forward in Ellensburg’s 4-1 versus Wapato last Tuesday and immediately made an impact, scoring two goals and two assists.

On Thursday, he was omnipresent throughout the game. He found the net in the 23rd minute on an assist from Ryan Stinson. Barbosa created space on the pass and avoided the goalie’s slide tackle for an open goal, 1-0.

“I think when you’re not getting goals, you have to make changes. You can’t wait and wait and wait,” Timko said.

A few minutes into the second half, Barbosa ensued to find Joahan Baldovinos who maneuvered his way just outside the goalie box for a score, 2-0.

From there on, Ellensburg stayed persistent, pressing on offense. Defensively, it limited Quincy to few shots at the goal. Connor Timko made a great diving save in the 59th minute by getting a hand on the ball and it ricochet off the cross bar. He notched three saves for the day.

The goal for Ellensburg has been to get to five conference wins all season. After its 2-1 loss to Toppenish High School last Saturday, the Bulldogs needed to win-out. And they did.

“It was a great win for us. A 2-0 win, it was a must-win, we’re getting into the playoffs which was our goal,” Mark said. “I thought the first 15 minutes we were not prepared and ready to play. And after the first 15 minutes we settled in and thought we played really well for the rest of the game. Tizoc and Joahan got great goals and our keeper made some great saves.”

Quincy (7-6, 5-4) was holding on to the final spot for playoffs, which was the sixth seed prior to the matchup with Ellensburg. But the Bulldogs (8-6, 5-4) win put them a standing a head of Quincy.

But with Selah High School defeating Othello High School, and East Valley High School defeating Wapato High School later that day, it has put four teams at five conference wins, which kept Quincy’s season alive.

All four teams will have to play at Wapato this Saturday at 10 a.m. in a tie-breaker for three spots. Ellensburg will face Othello and East Valley will face Quincy. Winners advance to district playoffs, losers play each other.

It will be two 20 minute halves and overtime will be penalty kicks.


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