Ellensburg High School boys soccer head coach Mark Timko was elated with the result and effort in the Bulldogs 4-1 triumph over Ephrata High School Tuesday. But he wasn’t content with the way Ellensburg played.

Timko thought his boys vied better in their 3-0 loss to Othello High School on March 21.

“I was more proud of them in that moment than I am in a 4-1 win,” he said. “Soccer can be like that sometimes.”

It was Ellensburg’s first home game and first official league matchup of the 2019 season.

Timko had affinity for the Bulldogs (4-2, 1-0 CWAC) first-half display, as they led 4-1 at the break. But Timko believed everyone was trying to get their own when the second half commenced.

“I think after we got four, everyone wanted a goal,” Timko said. “And they forgot why we scored the goals, and played the right way. They were all trying to have their moment, too.

“Happy with the effort, happy with the result — but we got to play a lot better than that.”

The offense settled down, but the defensive-minded Bulldogs contained Ephrata (1-5, 0-1 CWAC).

Ellensburg’s offense was scalding the first 40 minutes. A foul in the box gave senior Tizoc Barbosa a free kick — and he capitalized in the ninth minute.

Five minutes later, sophomore Miguel Baldovinos scored and then followed it later with another after the Ephrata goalie blocked an attempt and it ricocheted towards Baldovinos, 3-0.

It’s his third goal of the season, which is tied for the team lead.

“He’s a sophomore, he’s a small kid but plays like a big kid,” Timko said. “… He made the most of his opportunities. I think he only had two shots and got two goals off those two shots, so I like that conversion rate for sure.”

The Bulldogs capped off their first half with a goal in the 30th minute from junior Alfredo Contreras on an assist from junior Ryan Stinson.

Ephrata tacked on its lone score in the 37th minute.

“In the beginning we were willing to play the right way,” Timko said. “And sometimes people think the results aren’t connected to playing the right way, and in fact they are. We’re playing the right way, spreading the ball, we’re getting to the wing, all the right things. It resulted in us scoring some goals.”

Ellensburg has won its past three of four games. Its next contest is Saturday against East Valley High School at noon.


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